Elizabeth A. Pechous - Township Supervisor


Elizabeth A. Pechous, Berwyn Township Supervisor

Beth, who has lived in Berwyn 50 years, and is the mother of three, was first elected Township Supervisor in 2009.

As Supervisor, Beth is responsible for administering the General Assistance program for Berwyn residents.  Many people seeking assistance are awaiting a decision from Social Security or SSI about whether they will be declared disabled.  The township completes the paperwork which allows for repayment of the interim assistance, should the applicants be approved; this allows Berwyn citizens’ tax dollars to go further. 

Under Beth’s guidance, able-bodied General Assistance recipients are required to attend classes to increase their employability, as well as assist with community projects:  these include the township Farmers Market, Health Fairs, and cleanups and planting at Lesak Park, on the township property.

Beth has guided the Township Public Health District to a strong partnership with the Children’s Clinic of Oak Park, which offers dental screenings, fluoride treatments, nutrition education and low-cost school physicals for Berwyn children – all done at a cost saving to Berwyn residents.

Beth has been and will continue to be a full time Township Supervisor and Health Board member.

Under Beth’s experienced leadership, the Berwyn Township and Public Health District have NO debt, but are “pay as you go” entities. They live within their means, mindful of the tax dollars entrusted to them. Beth will continue to find ways to maintain services while holding down costs.