David Avila - Township Assessor

David Avila

David Avila, Berwyn Township Assessor

Lifelong Berwynite David Avila was previously legislative director for Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes. There, he helped analyze, review and amend the county’s $3 billion budget. He also helped people appeal their property taxes and assisted senior citizens in reapplying for their senior exemptions – much-needed work that he continues in his role as Township Assessor for Berwyn. 

As Assessor, David has saved residents thousands of dollars in reduced property assessments, assisted them with property needs like title duplications and permit transfers and helped senior citizens with the property tax deferral program.

David created and introduced ethics-reform legislation, initiated a recycling program for the township building and co-wrote the first Township Children’s Wellness program, aimed at alleviating childhood obesity.

David also organized community workshops such as the annual Pet Clinic, offering low-cost pet vaccinations, the property tax appeal workshop, a free legal clinic, a self-defense class and safety seminar and the College Bound workshop, showing residents how to fill out FAFSA forms, find and apply for scholarships, and save for college.

David Avila continues his very active and useful work as Berwyn’s Township Assessor.